Trans Nzoia County

Trans Nzoia County has a population of 818,757 as per the 2009 population and housing census. It is generally flat with gentle undulations rising steadily towards Mt. Elgon in the northwest with an altitude of 4,313 meters above the sea level which is a unique resource for environmental and wildlife conservation. The county has an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level on average. The altitude varies from 4,313 meters above sea level in Mt. Elgon and gradually drops to 1,400 meters above sea level towards the north. Most of the natural forest cover is found in Mt. Elgon and the Cherangany Hills. However, continued pressure from human activities has had a significant negative effect on the forest cover yet forests in the County are critical to the climatic conditions of the territorial boundaries of the county and beyond as they form part of the water catchments for Lakes Turkana and Victoria.