Siaya County

Siaya County is one of the six counties in the Nyanza region and has three major geomorphologic areas namely; dissected uplands, moderate lowlands and Yala swamp which have different relief, soils and land use patterns. The altitude of the county rises from 1,140m on the shores of Lake Victoria to 1,400m above sea level on the North. The water surface in Siaya County forms a third of Lake Victoria. It approximately lies between latitude 0º 26 ́ south to 0º 18 ́ North and longitude 33º 58 ́ and 34º 33 ́ East. The total population of Siaya County as at 2012 was estimated to be 885,762 persons comprising of 419,227 males and 466,535 female. It has an annual population growth rate of 1.7% and is projected to increase to 964,390 persons in 2017 (456,441 males and 507,949 females). Poverty, population pressure, unemployment, settlement and high cost of energy are the major drivers of massive degradation leading to climate change necessitating more mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change.