Nandi County

Nandi County is located in the North Rift region of Kenya. It occupies an area of 2,884.4Km2. Geographically, Nandi County is bound by the Equator to the south and extends northwards to latitude 0034‟N. The Western boundary extends to Longitude 34045‟E, while the Eastern boundary reaches Longitude 35025‟E. The vegetation of the County consists of forest, derived grasslands, shrubs and scrubland. Forest area has gradually reduced from about 16 percent of the total county land area to around 12 percent.

Nandi Forest is an extension of the tropical Kakamega Forest, which is characterized by high rainfall and diverse species of trees. The total boundary length of forest in the county is about 363.8 km up from 205.81km (1978). The medium potential areas are covered by shrubs and bushes, which mainly cover the eastern plateau parts, and portions lying below the scarp on Nyando plains at 1,300m.Wood, bushes and savannah grassland are found in Songhor and in extreme northern areas. Some lands contain swamps, rocks and hills. Generally the County receives an average rainfall of about 1200mm to 2000mm per annum. The County in general has a moderate to warm climate with no cold and hot extremes throughout the year. Deforestation is one of the major contributors to environmental degradation in the County.