Kisumu County

Kisumu county lies within longitudes 33° 20’E and 35° 20’E and latitudes 0° 20’ South and 0° 50’ South. The County is bordered by Homa Bay County to the South, Nandi County to the North East, Kericho County to the East, Vihiga County to the North West and Siaya County to the West. The County covers a total land area of 2009.5km2 and another 567 km2 covered by water. The mean annual temperature ranges between 25 to 35 degrees Celsius and the mean annual temperature ranges from 9 to 18 degrees Celsius. The altitude varies from 1,144 meters above sea level on the plains to 1,525 meters above sea level in Maseno and Lower Nyakach areas. This greatly influences temperatures and rainfall in the area. One of the major physical features in Kisumu is Lake Victoria where many rivers from Mt. Elgon drain. Mt. Elgon therefore plays a major role as a watershed and a catchment area.