Our Vision & Mission


A world class centre of excellence in forestry and allied natural resources research for sustainable development.


To conduct research and provide information and technologies for sustainable development of forestry and allied natural resources for socio-economic development.

Core Values


Healthy Environment.





Customer Focus.


Conduct research in forestry and allied natural resources.

Disseminate research findings to stakeholders.

Build capacity of stakeholders.

Establish partnerships and cooperate with other research organizations and institutions of higher learning in joint research and training.

Strategic Objectives

The KEFRI Strategic Plan 2018-2022 will strive to achieve seven (7) strategic objectives which are to:

To generate technologies for establishment and management of forest plantations, trees on-farms and enhance production of superior germplasm for priority tree species for different agro-ecological zones.

To generate rehabilitation technologies for adaptation to climate change, sustainable forest landscapes, woodlands, wetlands and riparian eco-systems.

To develop technologies for efficient processing and utilization of wood and non-wood forest products.

To formulate forestry policies for sustainable forest management and improved livelihoods.

To disseminate forestry research technologies and enhance institutional research and development capacity.

To strengthen institutional capacity for research and development.

To enhance corporate communication and publicity.