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Experts hope the ongoing changes in climate serves as a warning with Dr. Joram Kagombe - 2022

Promoting tree planting in the drylands for climate change adaptation & mitigation with Ms. Josephine Musyoki - 2022

Parmolok Island - KEFRI Production - 2022

Women in Forest Conservation with Dr. Jane Njuguna. SDDR&D - KEFRI - 2022

Climate Change with Dr. Joram Kagombe - KEFRI - 2021

Insights on Forest Commercialization with Dr. Joram Kagombe - KEFRI - 2021

World Bamboo Day at Kibirong Wetland, Nandi County- KEFRI - 2021

Environmental Stewardship with Dr. Joram Kagombe - KEFRI Seed Extraction and Processing - 2021

KEFRI Tree Nursery Establishment and Management - 2021

KEFRI Forest Products Development Strategic Theme - 2021

KEFRI Forest Productivity and Improvement Strategic Theme - 2021

Upcoming KEFRI Commercial Conference & Expo, September 21st - 24th 2021

KEFRI Participates in Tree Planting Event at Kaptagat Forest on July 23rd 2021

KEFRI participates in the World Environment Day celebrations held on June 5th 2021 at Garissa University, Garissa County.

CSR at Riamukurwe Childrens Home, Nyeri County by KEFRI Choir officials - 2021


KEFRI's Mt. Kulal Documentary - 2021

KEFRI Encourages Farmers To Embrace Melia Or Mukau Trees

KEFRI yazindua teknolojia ya kusaidia ukuzaji wa misitu

Why KEFRI is important to the common mwananchi

KEFRI kule Rabai, Kilifi inahimiza upanzi wa miche kuongeza kiwango cha misitu nchini

KEFRI begins research on disease killing mangroves

KEFRI and Mwatate Catholic Church Partnership

Long Rains. A KEFRI Production

KEFRI to plant 250,000 mangrove trees in Coast creeks

Kenya Commercial Forestry Investment Conference & Expo Advertisement - KEFRI - 2021

KEFRI launches tree planting activity in Kitui towards the National 10% tree cover initiative

KEFRI urges farmers in Central Rift to take up Bamboo farming