Mwadalu Riziki

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Mwadalu Riziki

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Designation : Research Scientist
Expertise : Integrated Soil Fertility Management

Journal papers

  1. Mwadalu, R. U., Mochoge, B., & Danga, B. (2020). Effects of biochar and manure on soil properties and growth of Casuarina equisetifolia seedlings at the coastal region of Kenya. Scientific Research and Essays, 15(3), 52-63.
  2. Mwadalu, R and Mwangi, M. (2013). The potential role of sorghum in enhancing food security in Semi-Arid Eastern Kenya (A Review). Journal of Applied Biosciences 71:5786-5799.

Book Chapter

  1. Riziki Mwadalu and Mary Gathara (2019). Edaphic characterization of Buda forest, In Kamondo B., Muturi G., Mbuvi M.T.E, Ochieng D., Wekesa C., Riziki M., Akinyi L. Malonza P. K., Ogwoka B., Mulwa R.K., and Marahaba D.M. (Eds). Biodiversity Status of Buda Forest, Kenya. Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. Riziki Mwadalu and Mary Gathara (2018). Edaphic characteristics of Arabuko Sokoke forest, In Ochieng’ D., Luvanda A., Wekesa C., Mbuvi M.T.E and Ndalilo L. (Eds). Biodiversity Status of Arabuko Sokoke Forest, Kenya. Kenya Forestry Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya.

Technical Notes /Protocols/Guidelines

  1. R. Mwadalu, C. Manya, P. Mukirae and K. Mulatya (2017). Status of Soils at the Coast, (Technical report, 2017).
  2. R. Mwadalu, N. Leley and A. Amur (2015). Cost and Management Procedures for Establishment of Woodlots, (CERP guidelines 2015).
  3. R. Mwadalu, N. Leley and A. Amur (2015). Guidelines for Establishment of Seeds Stands, (CERP Guidelines 2015).


  • July 2019-Date : Research Scientist II, Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  • July 2014- June 2019 : Assistant Research Scientist, Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  • Jan 2014-June 2014 : Research Assistant, Edulink Project, Kenyatta University


  • November 2020-Date : Head of Soils Section, Central Highlands Eco-Region Research Programme
  • July 2014-October 2020 : Head of Soils Section, Coast Eco-Region Research Programme

Academic Qualification

  • 2018-Date : PhD. Integrated Soil Fertility Management: Kenyatta University (On-going)
  • 2012-2015 : MSc. Integrated Soil Fertility Management: Kenyatta University, Kenya
  • 2006-2010 : B.Sc. Environmental Studies (Resource Conservation): Kenyatta University, Kenya

Key Competencies

Data analysis using R, GenStat and SAS software

Other Courses

  • 9th May 2019 : National Determined Contributions (NDCs) Training (Pre-congress training during 4th World Agroforestry Congress), Montpellier, France.
  • 6-8th February 2019 : British Council Researcher Connect Workshop on Proposal Development, Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Kenya.
  • 17-20th February 2015 : FTIR Training for soil analysis and prediction of soil properties, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • 1-5th September 2014 : Rapid Carbon Stock Assessment, KEFRI Kitui, Kenya